The Results Are In!

Our community came together to build, innovate, and compete in our first-ever Creator Challenge. Here are the results!

Best Overall

Balloon Fair

by Govak Reality

Experience the magic and fun of a carnival fairground wherever you go! Balloon Fair allows players to put their accuracy to the test by throwing darts at colorful, floating balloons. The allure of Balloon Fair lies in its delightful visuals, intuitive gameplay, and the satisfying pop of each balloon, punctuated by an explosion of colorful confetti. Congratulations to Govak Reality on this stunning experience, and for winning the overall Grand Prize!

Best Visuals


by Sam Strong

A fascinating platform for creating interactive sound sculptures, Flowlab allows users to blend music and visuals like never before. What truly stands out to us with Flowlab is the ease of use, polished look and feel, and the unique experience of finding harmonious unison between sight and sound. Congratulations, Sam!

Most Creative


by Antares

Step into the thrilling role of Earth's protector in this engaging AR game. In Defender, your mission is to keep our planet safe from invading viruses. What sets Defender apart is its blend of immersive gameplay and compelling visuals, evoking a sense of urgency and excitement. It's more than just a game; it's a race against time to save our home. Excellent work, Antares!

Most Fun

Shark Fury

by Ripeer

Shark Fury offers a speedy and engaging gameplay experience. As a shark constantly in need of energy, the player must swiftly navigate underwater environments to feed on fish. The game's concept, along with its high-speed gameplay, makes for a unique and fun AR gaming experience. Bravo, Ripeer!

Showcase Prize

Along with our grand prize winners, three additional submissions have won the opportunity to be published on the Loak app for all to enjoy. Congratulations to our showcase winners for delivering fun, engaging experiences for the Loak community!

Cosmo Explorer

by Yassine


by Dev Dunk

Butterfly Catcher

by Studio 6255

Thank You

We're incredibly grateful to each and every one of you who participated in the AR-CADE Challenge. Your innovative ideas, hard work, and dedication to creating exciting AR experiences truly brought this competition to life. So thank you for building with us; we can't wait for what's next!

- Loak team